Formula 1 | Hamilton, who slowed down in front of the Red Bulls, drove to the pole and got a boating concert from the audience

Valtteri Bottas leaves the second square.

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton did not seek new friends while defending the Hungarian pole position in the time trial.

Hamilton was number one and leaving in the final moments of the time trial for his last fast attempt. He got a seat in front of Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Before the start of the lap, the entire trio ran a warm-up lap before the time trial began on the finish line. The British driver drove the lap highlighted slowly and slipped into the final lap a few seconds before time ran out.

The next driver, Verstappen, still had time to try to make a quick lap. Perez, who was chasing him, ran out of time and the last attempt was a dream come true.

The workshop did not manage to improve its time enough either. Hamilton kept his pole position and another Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas, leaves from another place.

The crowd present in Hungary did not appreciate Hamilton’s trick. When Hamilton arrived for an interview after the time trial, a boating concert roared around the Hungaroring track.

Hamilton’s teasing speaks its own tongue about how tight-lipped world championships are fought. Hamilton leaves for Hungary as a chase. Verstappen leads the World Cup by eight points ahead of Hamilton.

Alfa Romeon Kimi Raikkonen was 13th in time trials.

After Sunday’s race, Formula 1 will take a summer break and the next race will not run until the last weekend in August.



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