Formula 1 | Filming familiar from football also worries in F1: “We don’t want anything like that for the sport”

Red Bull team manager Christian Horner hopes F1 will not follow the example set by football.

Football Seen at the European Championships Ciro Immobilen filming has also made F1 districts talk about the ethics of their own sport and the punishment of punishment for the opponent.

Immobile became a social media topic after the Italy-Belgium semifinals. He fell and was left writhing in pain, hoping for the referee’s whistle, but when a teammate Nicolo Barella scored a goal for Italy during the tour, Immobile stood up as if miraculously healed and ran to celebrate the hit.

Red Bull team manager Christian Horner spoke about the similarities with football. When the F1 weekend in Austria was colored by several questionable overtaking situations and the resulting penalties, Horner expressed his position very clearly.

“We don’t want anything like football movies in the sport,” he uploaded by.

Horner hopes that in the future, the easiest way to overtake in a race would not be to turn an opponent around the outside and be asked for a penalty for pushing into the sand.

In Austria, the outfield tried to boldly overtake at least Red Bull Sergio Perez and Ferrari Charles Leclerc. Perez acquired McLaren Lando Norris punishment, and later Leclerc did the same to Perez.

Hornerin according to the drivers, they know that when they attack the outer curves, they are easily wedged in the sand. In these situations, a driver driving in an inner curve should not be punished so sensitively.

“These guys have been driving karting since they were kids and know that if you miss the outside, it’s a risk,” Horner says.

“The punishments were pretty harsh, and they went against the idea of ​​’letting the boys race.'”



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