Formula 1 | Exceptional audience winged Max Verstappen to the pole position – Kimi Räikkönen still couldn’t cut the gloomy time trial

On Saturday, the starting order for the ninth race of the F1 season was decided.

Audience has gradually returned to F1 auditoriums as well. On Saturday, their presence was easy to spot as the ninth time trials of the season were run in Austria.

Leading the World Cup series Max Verstappen supporters had arrived in large numbers, and the decibels always peaked as Verstappen drove past or reached a good time.

In time, there was enough joy for Dutch supporters. Verstappen was the fastest in each section and will start tomorrow’s race from somewhat as expected.

“Compared to last weekend, the tire mixes are softer, so it’s going to be hard to control them in the race,” Verstappen, who took an overwhelming victory a week ago, predicts after the time trial is over.

At the time of settlement Verstappen did not get his time improved in the final round, as he was sent to the track first without the benefit of suction assistance.

When the opportunity arose, McLaren became the cheerleader Lando Norris, which was finally second by just 0.048 seconds.

“This creates good setups for us tomorrow. The tour was probably one of my best, ”Norris rejoiced.

Fighting for the world championship with Verstappen Lewis Hamilton was the fourth of the time trials and Valtteri Bottas behind him Fifth. Another Red Bull driver was also ahead of the Mercedes Sergio Pérez.

Alpha The Romeo stable was one of the biggest surprises of the rehearsals. In the first exercise, a good ranking was reached Kimi Raikkonen, and Saturday ‘s rehearsal was Antonio Giovinazzin it’s your turn to do the same.

In time, Räikkönen had never made it to the second section before this season before Saturday. It was not possible to cut the gloomy pipe this time either: Räikkönen was 16th and was the first to be eliminated from the sequel with a margin of 0.032 seconds.

Teammate Giovinazzi was seventh in the first section, but he also finished 15th in the second section.

Time trials The biggest surprise turned out to be young British drivers instead of Alfos, as in addition to Norris, Williams ’ George Russell tinted at his own pace. He reached the final leg of the time trials with Williams for the first time and eventually finished ninth.

At direct speed, Williams was even at the top of the entire group at his best, which is important on the Austrian track. Russell’s teammate Nicholas Latifi still only finished 18th.

In the first section, the experienced pace was also shown by an experienced Alpine driver Fernando Alonso, but in the second he had a quick lap Sebastian Vettelin prevented. Vettel, who apologized immediately for his mistake, is probably aware of the starting screen penalty.



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