Formula 1 | Dominant, effortless, clear and stylish – this is how Valtteri Bottas’ victory was treated in the world

Bottas got excellent grades from Sunday’s F1 race.

Convincing after the show, his formula 1 season opener won on Sunday Valtteri Bottas performance gains appreciation in motorsport media.

Autosport wrote that Bottas reminded him with his dominant drive of how good a driver he is.

Bottas said in a track interview with Turkish gp that the race was one of the best in his career. Autosport also recalled this and highlighted Mercedes ’leading track engineer Andrew Shovlinin praise for a successful and effortless ride.

According to motorsport, Bottas demonstrated his ability and quality as a driver in Turkey.

“It also showed the crucial role he has played at Mercedes in the World Championships for stables and drivers. Without him [Max] Verstappen would be 11 points away [Lewis Hamiltonista] instead of six points, ”editor Luke Smith added.

Motorsport supplier Alex Kalinauckas raised Bottas to the top of the Turkish gp driver rating. The Finn received a grade of nine from him over the weekend.

Bottaksen the race performance was described in Motorsport as absolutely brilliant, but the time trials left much to be desired. The victory, according to the site, was clear and elegant.

Nine was also rated Italian by the Italian magazine La Gazzetta dello Sportin in the driver assessment.

“Hamilton left behind and Valtteri had to take his place by defeating Verstappen. This success has a lot of weight, ”the journalist said Luigi Perna wrote.

Also a British broadcaster BBC’s formula writer Andrew Benson appreciated Bottas’ performance. He chose Finnish as the best driver of the day.

“Bottas did exactly the kind of work that Mercedes asked him to do,” Benson wrote.

British newspaper The Guardian supplier Giles Richards wrote that the Turkish gp was a feast for Bottas from the starting acceleration to the checkered flag. The main focus of the text, however, was the depot stop, which caused Hamilton to boil with rage and fall from third place to fifth.


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