Formula 1 | Bottas won the Brazilian sprint race, a huge overtaking show from Hamilton

Mercedes Valtteri Bottas drove a great sprint race in Brazil and will start the race on Sunday off the pole. He also scored three points for winning the sprint.

Bottas took a great start and rose from the second box past Red Bull Max Verstappen In the Brazilian gp 24 round sprint. Verstappen will start in Sunday’s race from the second starting box. He got two points from his second place and increased his World Championship lead to 21 points.

The second seven-time world champion in the World Series Lewis Hamilton had to leave the race with a whole bunch of tails when his time trial was abandoned due to an irregular rear wing.

However, Hamilton was already ranked 12th in five laps. Six laps before the end, Hamilton was already in seventh and a moment later in sixth.

At the start of the final round, he still rose Lando Norrisin passed and finally drove to the checkered flag in fifth. As a result, he rose as many as 15 notches in just 24 rounds.

However, Hamilton was penalized for starting the engine in five starting squares, so he will start in Sunday’s race from the tenth square.

Alpha Romeon Kimi Räikkönen the sprint went wrong at the start of the second round as he tried to overtake his teammate Antonio Giovinazzi. Giovinazzi hit the Ratchet, which spun and fell on the tail of a set. Räikkönen finally finished 18th on the checkered flag.

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