Formula 1 | Bad news for fans from Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton says he doesn’t think Mercedes will fight for victory in the season opener in a week.

Formula 1 series seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes will not be winning a week from the season opener in Bahrain.

The same was heard last year, but so only Hamilton drove to the opening race to win. Now, however, the situation is different and the problems bigger, according to the British driver.

“Right now, we’re not fighting for wins,” Hamilton commented on Saturday Motorsport by.

Mercedes has not been convinced in the winter tests, but the stable is suspected of hiding its pace in real action.

“There is a lot of difference compared to last year, the situation is not so good. I believe we have clearly bigger challenges, and they will not be solved in a week. ”

“I think it’s going to take a little longer to figure out the problems, but I’ve realized we have a lot of momentum hidden.”

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Despite Hamilton’s comments, it wouldn’t be very surprising if the momentum were to be found by the opening race of the season, as everything is rarely shown before the action takes place.

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