Formula 1 | A Dutch TV company asked Kimi Räikkönen what happened – “Where?” the Finn split

Kimi Räikkönen was reasonably satisfied with the F1 race in Qatar.

21.11. 19:55

Formula the number one Qatar race did not bring World Cup points to the Alfa Romeo team To Kimi Räikkönen. Still, the Finn liked the competition.

“I was surprised by the overrides we were able to make. After all, it was an entertaining competition, ”says Räikkönen in Alfa Romeo’s press release.

“I didn’t expect much at first.”

However, Räikkönen got off to a good start and the going was reasonably good during the race, but the speed was not enough to lift the Finn to the World Championship points.

“I had a few good struggles and in the end we were getting to McLaren and Alphataur. We got everything we could get from this race. ”

If The course of the race was clear to Räikkönen instead, a journalist from the Dutch Ziggo Sport asked Räikkönen, confused, “what happened?”

“Where?” Räikkönen answered back.

“In your competition,” the reporter continued.

“Didn’t you see,” Räikkönen said.

In the end, Räikkönen said that not much happened, but the race went better than Saturday’s time trial.

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