Forks Chess superstar Magnus Carlsen has suffered from low spirits and also experienced humiliation in his title tournament

Norwegian chess superstar Magnus Carlsen has experienced surprising gambling bumps recently, says The Guardian.

World champion Carlsen has never once won a race in the Meltwater Champions Tour sponsored by his own company, Play Magnus Group.

In autumn the finals to be played will be preceded by ten qualifiers. There are three of them behind, and Carlsen has not won any.

Two wins have gone to the US champion Wesley Solle and one from Azerbaijan Teimour Radjaboville.

In the ongoing fourth race, which is called Magnus Carlsen Invitational, Carlsen competes for at most third place.

Last year, Carlsen won the entire Meltwater Champions Tour. The prize pool for the tour this year is $ 1.5 million.

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