Forests Obstacles set on forest trails bully mountain bikers – Harri Luttinen from Espoo encountered a mined forest trail 200 meters away with his mountain bike ride

Mountain bikers see obstacles as a safety risk and hope for peaceful coexistence with others in nature.

Mountain bikers bullying a peculiar phenomenon: obstacles collected on paths.

Teasing takes place on some forest trails in the Helsinki metropolitan area, says the mountain bike club Finland ry. Pasi Maaranniitty.

Usually twigs, rotting wood, logs or thin trees above the path have been piled up on the path as an obstacle, but let’s know about the obstacles from the stone piles.

To several A mountain biker from Espoo collided with paths blocked by various obstacles last week Harri Luttinen. On Kauniainen’s Kasavuori, wooden logs had been moved to one path, and sticks had been placed on the other path.

Luttinen has faced the same temptation before, but this time the obstacles were exceptionally wide.

“There was one long path mined for about 200 meters, but there were obstacles on other paths as well. They had now been put on quite extensively and systematically. ”

The sticks placed on the path hinder those moving on wheels.­

Phenomenon emerges from time to time in various social media neighborhoods or nature groups. There is also some discussion about this among mountain bikers, Maaranniitty and Luttinen say.

Mountain bikers speculate that piling up obstacles is intended to prevent a certain group of people, such as those who are just cycling, from moving in certain areas or trails. At least the obstacles have been deliberately placed on the paths.

“Rarely do all twigs fall in the same direction. Yes it is usually seen to have been deliberately moved to the path. Sometimes the sticks are tuned to the path in such a way that they are 30 centimeters off the ground, ”says Luttinen.

According to Luttinen and Maaranniity, the phenomenon is not very widespread, but it occurs regularly and often occurs in the same areas.

Sticks set on the path.­

Luttinen often moves obstacles aside, as does Maaranniitty. Both see obstacles placed on the path as a serious safety risk.

“You can fall into them and hurt yourself, especially at dusk. In addition, they can direct people to take a detour for a longer period of time when the original path cannot be used, and in this way those paths increase and expand. ”

The pacifier is usually amused and irritated in the face of the phenomenon.

“Maybe there’s a group of people who don’t feel the arrival of mountain bikers on the trails is a good thing. I would like an agreement on both sides. That it would be understood that yes we can all fit in here. Let’s make room for others, yes that’s the secret to good coexistence. ”

Maaranniitty has also encountered trails that have been piled up, most recently in Helsinki Central Park.

“Yes, I thought that some of the obstacles can be also intended to prevent moped riders.”

Mountain biking has long grown in popularity. There are no exact calculations of the number of enthusiasts, but according to Maaranniity, at least the number has not decreased.

“Yes, there is still a clear mountain biking boom going on. In the spring, the shops were sold out and the sport is becoming an increasingly solid part of tourism, for example alongside skiing. ”

As the sport continues to grow in popularity, mountain biking will continue to appear in forests and nature trails, Maaranniitty speculates.

There is likely to be a heated debate in the future as to which Groups of People are allowed to use different nature areas for their own activities.

Currently, the use of the Vantaa Silvolanmetsä nature reserve for mountain biking is also before the Helsinki Administrative Court.


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