Forest industry The closure of the Veitsiluoto plant is a complete shock to Kemi: “All the small indicators indicated that there is a positive mood on the ground,” says the mayor.

The Mayor of Kemi, Matti Ruotsalainen, believes that Stora Enso’s decision will have a major impact at both local and national level.

Stora Enso said he was planning today Closure of the Kemi Veitsiluoto pulp and paper mill. The closure means the loss of more than 600 jobs.

Mayor of Kemi Matti Ruotsalainen According to Stora Enso, the decision is of enormous importance to the City of Kemi, as it is Kemi’s largest employer.

“Kemi has long been the capital of the forest industry. It is not just a matter of adjusting or improving the efficiency of the economy, in which case only some jobs will be lost, but they will be lost altogether. This also has a direct impact on subcontracting chains and exports at the Port of Kemi, ”Ruotsalainen comments.

In addition to the local effects, the Swede believes that the closure of the Veitsiluoto mill will have greater effects on a Finnish scale than the closure of the Voikaa paper mill in its time.

Swedish says that it found Stora Enso ‘s news surprising, as the Veitsiluoto mill has the latest Finnish paper machine and the company has continuously developed its operations.

“All the small indicators, such as the increase in paper exports and the volume of industrial chemical shipments, suggested that there has been a positive mood on the ground.”

What was also surprising about the news was that Ruotsalainen says that he was the first to read about it on Helsingin Sanomat’s website and that Stora Enso was not in contact with the city separately.

Kemin immediately after hearing the news, the city set up a working group to assess the overall effectiveness of the situation.

“In this situation, people are the first to start moving, because we are talking about people’s jobs and their families. The impact on human shock is, of course, very wide-ranging, and we as a city aim to respond to it with basic security. Nursing and social care are strongly involved in their own expertise. ”

The Swede is pleased that the Government, including the Prime Minister, has reacted to the situation. According to the Swede, support is needed for the closure of the factory to collapse the income base of the region. In addition, according to the Swede, such a structural change must be able to adapt and create something new. Therefore, according to him, the situation requires both financial support and operational development.

“The people affected are skilled staff. It is necessary to think about how this Finnish know-how can be utilized in other developing activities, ”says Ruotsalainen.

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