Forest fires The forest fire that spread from the Russian side was put out in Ruuna, Lieksa

The North Karelian Rescue Department extinguished the entire fire, including the one on the Russian side.

North Karelia the rescue department put out a forest fire on the Russian side in Ruuna, Lieksa, on Friday night.

In the afternoon, the Rescue Department received information about the fire from the Finnish border authorities, who had received the information from the Russian border authorities.

More than ten people started to put out the fire from the North Karelia Rescue Department. The rescue service got the forest fire extinguished shortly before midnight.

The burned area was old forest that was destroyed on less than an acre. The larger part of the fire was on the Russian side.

Finns put out the whole fire, including the one on the Russian side. The Finnish border authorities were involved in the fire.

The Border Guard conducted post-guarding of the fire site at night and will continue post-guarding at noon on Saturday.

On-call firefighter Olli-Pekka Toivanen The North Karelian Rescue Service has not previously visited the Russian side.

“And I’ve been at work for 30 years. It is rare. ”

Forest fires currently raging in large areas of Russia in the Republic of Karelia. As a result, a state of emergency has been declared in the area and people have been evacuated from under fire.

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Toivanen According to him, there are currently no other pieces near the border that would threaten to spread to the Finnish side. The terrain is still very dry after a long period of heat, although there has been little rain in some places in recent days.

“Not that [pieni sade] properly absorbed into it, watering the surface, but deep down it is terribly dry. On the other hand, when there are windy airs, even that small amount of water evaporates from the surface, ”says Toivanen.

The forest fire warning is valid in North Karelia and in the entire territory of central and southern Finland.

Russia has extensive terrain and forest fires around the country. The area most affected by the fires is Yakutia in eastern Siberia. HS followed the work of firefighters in Central Yakutia.



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