Football Women’s soccer champion Åland United and challenger PK-35 Vantaa ended up in a colorful division at the opening of the league: “The ball completely disappeared into the sun”

The same duo will face in the final of the Finnish Cup.

Football women’s reigning double champion Åland United kicked off the National League season colorfully on Saturday. It led twice, but bent to a 2–2 draw at the home field of the black-red challenger Vantaa PK-35.

“It wasn’t exactly what was being sought. It’s not enough to play for 15 minutes well and then something else, ”Unitedin said Dana Leskinen crystallize.

The start of the match was that the Ålanders squeezed hard from the top and the home team sought finishing spots in the counterattacks.

At the end of the first half, United successfully scored an opening goal. Monica Hagström the ball shot from the flag slipped into the goalkeeper Velma Oikarinen despite stretching to the back corner.

“The ball completely disappeared into the sun. I tried to swing the ball – there was a chance that I would have blocked it, ”PK-35 goalkeeper Oikarinen described.

The struggle in the second period the islanders Anna Westerlundin the led defense got strong, even though at the hour the guests had to double their escape. Goalkeeper Oikarinen reached the top rescue when Maria Cassandra Korhonen fired hard from about 10 meters.

Soon it was home team Karoliina Aution it’s your turn to show off your shooting skills at the other end. The deserted leveled the game with a long haul.

Mittelö culminated in the final 10 minutes as United struck a new lead from a post-situation that the PK-35’s 16-year-old Oona Sevenius acknowledged with a cannonball.

The rise in the points distribution tasted quite sweet for the home team, especially when the same duo meet in the Finnish Cup final.

“I think mentally we might even be on our necks for a while. After last season, we are hungry – I think it was visible today, ”Oikarinen apricot.

United aims to rethink the titles, although it has been revamped all the way to the coach as well as the team.

“Many of us are on this team for the first time. I don’t feel there is any pressure here, ”United’s Widow outlined.

In other matches on the opening day of the national league, HJK won JyPK 4–1, TiPS away PK-35 Helsinki 3–0 and KuPS series champion HPS 4–0. Honka and Ilves will open their league season on Sunday.

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