Football Wolfsburg head coach makes embarrassing mistake – Bundesliga club tries to overturn rejection of German cup with appeal

The German Cup allowed five substitutes to be taken on the field, but the Wolfsburg coach made one substitution too.

Football Wolfsburg, who plays in the German Bundesliga, lodged a complaint on Tuesday seeking to annul his relegation from the German Cup. The team’s performance was rejected in the winning match because the club’s new head coach Mark van Bommel made one exchange too.

The mistake occurred when Wolfsburg faced the fourth-round Preußen Münster in the first round of the Cup on August 8, according to AFP news agency. The match stretched to extra time, with van Bommel making the sixth substitution. In the German Cup, five substitutes are allowed to take the field.

It was an embarrassing mistake for a former Bayern Munich midfielder in his first competitive match in Wolfsburg.

Wolfsburg won the match 3-1, but Münster lodged a complaint with the German Football Association (DFB). After a five-hour hearing on Monday, the DFB Sports Court dismissed Wolfsburg and declared Münster the winner with a score of 2-0.

Wolfsburg’s appeal has not yet been set a date for the final decision on which of the teams will participate in the August 29 draw.



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