Football Veikkausliiga match suspended due to racist shouts in Espoo – Honka and FC Lahti ended in a draw

Referee Mattias Gestranius suspended the league match between Honka and FC Lahti due to a shout from the audience.

Penalty kicks were in a big role in the 1–1 result of Honka and FC Lahti from Espoo in the men’s football league. Honka’s promising lead evaporated in the second period, when FC Lahti stretched its tubes for ten consecutive points.

Honka got his first rank Jerry Voutilainen after an insightful vertical pass when the visitors goalkeeper Antonio Reguero poured through Juan Alegrían. The ball was placed firmly in the bottom corner Otso Koskinen, for whom the goal was first in the league.

After the opening hit, the referee Mattias Gestranius decided to suspend the struggle. The announcer said the reason for the interruption was a racist shout.

Apparently, among the Lahti fans of the end spectator, there were forbidden expressions on the field at the time of the penalty kick. According to Ilta-Sanomat the shouted target was Alegría, who scored a penalty kick.

Wait a minute later the midfield player Voutilainen attacked and shot, but the ball passed the outside of the post. Next, Alegría lost his seam as he fired a penalty post following a hand foul.

The reflexes paid FC Lahden as a substitute Chinedu Geoffrey put in a good effort on the right, but 52 minutes into the match Timothy Murrayn behind.

“Well turned in the second half. A little disappointed, these should be won if you want to be in the top three,” FC Lahti captain Kari Arkivuo crystallize.

“One point is not terribly satisfying. We just have to make the places paint, it was not terribly clinical,” Hongan Koskinen commented.

On Sunday two other Veikkausliiga matches were also played.

In the middle of the Europel rushes, the Kuopio Ball Club rose back to second place in the league with a 1–0 victory over Ilves. KuPS’s winning goal scored a second time this season hit Anton Popovitch.

Turku Inter returned to victory on Sunday when it defeated IFK Mariehamn away 2-0. Inter’s previous victory had come on June 18th. Mariehamn scored in the 66th minute Taiki Kagayama.

With an extra time in the match, Interin Benjamin Källman scored a sixth goal of the season. The hit alone raised Källman to the top of the football league goal exchange.



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