Football Uefa suspended legal action against the major clubs that ran the Super League

Actions against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have been suspended for the time being.

European the football association Uefa announced that it had suspended legal action against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, one of the continent’s major clubs.

The trio made a strong impact on the terrific Super League project.

In May, Uefa said it had appointed a team of investigators to investigate possible violations by the troika of the union’s rules.

However, the measures are now suspended “for the time being,” the union said on Wednesday without specifying the reasons for it in more detail.

In April Twelve European major clubs shook the football world by announcing the creation of the Super League.

However, the Super League crumbled quickly as the six clubs who registered for the English Premier League withdrew from the project with an avalanche of criticism.

Spanish Atletico Madrid and Italian Inter and AC Milan also withdrew from the project, but Real, Juventus and Barcelona have rubbed against Uefa.



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