Football Tickets for the European Championship finals tournament in Belgium are still on sale – there are still several other European Championship matches available.

Tickets are available for eleven different matches in the European Championship finals.

When tickets to the European Football Championship finals went on sale in early 2020, demand was strong and several Huuhkaja supporters were left without tickets. The Games were postponed by a year due to a coronavirus pandemic, and with it many returned their flags.

Due to the limited audience available in the stadiums, there was a fear among those who held their flags that they would lose their place in the Owls match. The fear was obviously futile, for there were so many cancellations that there seemed to be little rejections.

Its instead, the situation is now that tickets for the last match of Finland’s first block against Belgium in St. Petersburg on June 21 are still on sale. It is estimated that spectators will be admitted to St. Petersburg Stadium at the European Championships at a capacity of about 75 percent of the stadium’s capacity of more than 60,000 spectators.

Unsold tickets from the European Championship finals recently went on sale on the European Football Association (UEFA) website. In all, right now (Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.) there were tickets on sale for nine first-round matches and two quarter-finals.

In addition to the Finnish match in Belgium, tickets are on sale for the Sweden-Poland match of the E-block, which will also be played in St. Petersburg on June 23, ie European match matches will be played in the same stadium every two days.

Especially a lot of tickets are on sale for the E-block matches, where the venues changed in the spring from Bilbao and Dublin to Seville and St. Petersburg.

Other The matches for sale are: Austria-Northern Macedonia (Bucharest 13 June), Poland-Slovakia (St. Petersburg 14 June), Sweden-Slovakia (St. Petersburg 18 June), Croatia-Czech Republic (Glasgow 18 June), Italy-Wales (Rome 20 June) .), Slovakia-Spain (Seville on 23 June), Portugal-France (Budapest on 23 June) and the quarter-finals in Budapest and Seville on 27 June.

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