Football This is not often seen: The Italian coach entered the field and deprived the opponent of the opposing opponent

Catania head coach Giuseppe Raffaele was banned from conducting four matches.

Many coaches, regardless of sport, live with emotion involved in matches, and sometimes staying out of the field seems to produce quite a bit of difficulty.

Rarely do coaches miss the game, but that’s what happened to football in Italy’s third league in Serie C when Catania hosted Vibonones.

Catania looked to be heading one way when he unexpectedly passed the ball back to Vincenzo Plescia.

The godfather then happened with the extra time given by the referee.

Vibonesen a player slipped and slithered in the wet grass. Head coach of Catania Giuseppe Raffaele however, decided to intervene in the game.

He took the ball and took the ball from Vibonesen’s player. The referee did not hesitate but raised a red card for Raffael. The coach later received a four-match administrator ban.

However, Catania took the full point of the Vibonese match. Catania is tenth in the C-block of Serie C and Vibonese is ninth.


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