Football | The trial of Benjamin Mendy – who allegedly raped numerous women in the locked rooms of his mansion – has begun

Manchester City player and Louis “Saha” Matturie, who procured women for him, is accused of raping and sexually abusing 13 young women.

Manchester City player Benjamin Mendy the trial began on Monday at Chester Crown Court. Among other things, a British newspaper reported on the trial The Guardian.

According to the prosecutor, the 28-year-old French player used his wealth and fame to lure women to the Cheshire mansion. There he raped women when they either said no or were too drunk to understand what was happening.

Mendy’s alleged crimes reportedly took place in his remote mansion between October 2018 and 2021.

The player met many women in Manchester nightclubs. A 41-year-old who worked as a pimp was often involved Louis “Saw” Matturiewho, like Mandy, is accused of several rapes and sexual abuses.

According to the prosecutor, it was a “callous game” where Matturie’s task was to look for young women and create situations where they could be raped.

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On trial the stakeholders are 13 women. Five of the women said that Mendy and six of Matturie had raped or abused them.

Two of the women told the police that they had been raped by both of them. One of the women was so drunk that she found out about what happened only afterwards, when both of their semen was found in her underwear. One of the women who accuses both men of rape was 17 years old at the time of the incident.

Two of the women said that Mendy raped them in locked rooms: the office and the master bedroom. One of the women told police that Mendy raped her in the movie room and when her friend tried to look for her, it was prevented.

Some of the women told police their phones were taken from them when they arrived at the mansion. Apparently this was to protect Mendy and others from unwanted social media material. It also prevented victims from calling for help.

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The men deny all 22 charges brought against them. The trial continues.

Correction 15.8. at 10:30 p.m.: In the story, women were mistakenly called defendants. In fact, they are interested parties in the proceedings.

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