Football The questionable ranger saved Honga – the Espoo guest had to settle for a draw

Despite Honka’s male superiority, the match ended in a 1-1 draw.

Hongan the league team had a great opportunity for a full points pot on Wednesday night.

The Espoo team got a handicap from the questionable penalty right at the beginning of the second period and has been able to play with the male superiority of Haka’s topper ever since. Eero-Matti Auvisen the reasoned judge Peiman Simanin raised by a red card.

Auvinen did not touch the Cameroon striker Jean Marie to Dongui, but still flew into the shower after only four minutes on the ground.

The offender was another player from Valkeakoski Niklas Friberg, who slowed Dongui ‘s progress by grabbing his opponent.

Lucas Kaufmann the penalty kick was elegant in itself, but the solutions that preceded it confused it more.

Despite the manpower, Honka had to settle for a 1-1 draw.

Right Defender Seth Saarinen finished Haka’s lead with the first goal of his league career.

Saarinen, 20, shook the ball handsomely with Honka’s guard Tim Murrayn back at the end of the first period.

Haka’s goal was the result of a handsome team game. Maximus Tainio offered the ball from the left To Andrija Bosnjak. The Croatian striker already had a good draw, but he unselfishly offered the ball to Saarinen, who was even freer.

Hongan the venues for the opening period were really few. The best one opened in less than half an hour Demba Savagelle, but Friberg had time to cover a hard bet.

Draft encountered Hakan for the second time in a week. The match played under midsummer ended with a 2-1 victory for the Espoo team in Dongoun and Matias Ralen hits.

The hammer made four changes to the lineup after this. Tapio Heikkilä, Jonas Levänen, Demba Savage and Niklas Wipe rose to the opening.

Honka’s early season has been thinner than expected. In the first 11 league matches, the team led by Vasara has won only the series promoters KTP and AC Oulu and Haka, who returned to the main league a year ago.

Carbon monoxide has been in pain on the familiar Factory field like last year. At that time, the Valkeakoski team could only take one home win. That, too, did not come until October.

The same trend has continued this summer. Haka has never won in front of his home crowd. Now there was a lot of will and character in the show, especially after the run

The league contract for the people of Espoo continues on 11 July. That’s when AC Oulu, stuck at the tail of the series, arrives in Tapiola.



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