Football The Premier League intends to prevent the Super League from starting by all possible means – urging clubs to withdraw from the project

The Premier League clubs outside the Super League unanimously knocked out the plans of the Grand Clubs to form a new series.

Football The English Premier League released on Tuesday bulletin, in which it demanded Premier League clubs in the Super League to withdraw immediately from the new project.

“The Premier League is considering all possible measures to prevent the plan from proceeding,” the league announced after its meeting.

In addition to the representatives of the Premier League and the English Football Association (FA), 14 Premier League clubs outside the Super League took part in the meeting.

The clubs knocked out plans for the Super League unanimously.

“The league will continue to work with key stakeholders such as supporters, the government and sports organizations to protect the interest of the game,” the release says.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham are participating in the Super League.

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