Football The lynx’s head coach scolded, now explaining his behavior

Mika Lahtinen’s eruption was recorded on video in a match against HJK.

The lynx and the HJK Women’s Football National League match saw a nasty incident on May 29, when the game was over a good hour behind.

The people of Tampere lost the ball in an easy place, which got Ilves’ head coach Mika Lahtinen to accelerate.

“Fuck, what a whore after all,” he said, turning toward the exchange fence.

“Fuck these with our touches.”

The shout would appear to have been directed at Sofia Laine, 17, who had lost the ball, but Lahtinen denies this.

“I’m really sorry I used that kind of word. I want to emphasize that the word was not aimed at the player, but I witched up the situation. I haven’t barked at anyone, ”Lahtinen tells Aamulehti.

Lynx released a bulletin on Friday stating that the coach had received a warning. She will be participating in the You Are Not Alone online training in the future.

You are not alone, online training provides coaches and others in sports clubs with tools to address inappropriate behavior, harassment and violence.

“It’s an obvious thing that words like that don’t belong in any work community. I couldn’t work anywhere for a day if I used that kind of language towards people, ”Lahtinen says.

How has the team reacted to this?

“Yes, players and backgrounds know that my words were not meant for any player. We discussed the matter on Monday and we will be able to continue from here. ”

HJK won the match with a score of 3–1 (0–1). Ilves is second in the series with one point out of six matches.

HJK has 14 points out of eight matches, which qualifies instead of the fourth.

Also The National League has condemned “inappropriate conduct in all its forms”.

Lahtinen’s cry was also recorded in Ruudun match broadcast and can be heard in section 1.33.20.



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