Football The lawn of HJK’s home field is “Malmö’s nightmare” – Swedish club fears difficulties in the Champions League qualifiers

Malmö FF is used to soft natural grass, but in Helsinki you play with artificial grass.

Helsinki Football Club will face a forced victory at his home field on Tuesday, when the Swedish Grand Club Malmö FF arrives to visit the Champions League second qualifying round match.

Malmö won the first partial match played a week ago 2–1 at home. HJK is required to win if it wants to take the match to extra time and a penalty shootout. A two-goal win would be enough to go straight ahead.

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Foreign paint rule there are no more in European games today.

“The result of the first match is not as bad as it sounds. We are not discouraged, but excited, ”HJK’s paint cannon Filip Valencic chatted on the eve of game day.

In the western neighborhood has been under the second part of the game for playing on artificial turf in Helsinki. Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet described the situation as “Malmö’s nightmare”. The team plays their own home games on soft natural grass.

“In Malmö, a discussion about it started right away. If I have understood correctly, they have always had little difficulty adapting to artificial turf, ”HJK’s coach Toni Koskela said.

The Swedes’ complaints about the grass in the Bolt arena also spread to Toni Koskela’s ears.

Swedish Society captain Anders Christiansen admitted to Aftonbladet that the platform was difficult.

“Everyone thinks we’re maris. The fact is that we like to play football on natural grass – as is the case in most of Europe. ”

“However, we understand that there are also artificial turf fields in the Nordic countries. We just have to accept it, ”Christiansen said.

HJK’s Valencic recalls that both teams play in their home country series on artificial turf fields. In Malmö, the Club also had to adapt.

“We could have complained when we had to play on natural grass, but we didn’t,” the Slovenian said.

HJK defeated Hakan in the Veikkausliiga 2–0 after a loss to Malmö on Saturday. Three points from the domestic series was a perfect snack in the middle of massive Europels.

“It was really important for us to win that match, because before the trip to Malmö we lost in Oulu. Fortunately, we won, so we regained a little of our self-confidence, ”Valencic said.

Filip Valencic scored a 2-0 goal for HJK in Haka’s net.

Coach According to Koskela, the Haka match was also successful in terms of rest. HJK settled the match already in the first half hour and was thus able to make substitutions immediately at half time.

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“We hoped to be able to solve the game as early as possible. On the other hand, we have practiced so that we can play two games a week, ”Koskela said.

Valencic succeeded in the goal against Haka, and he is now second on the Veikkausliiga goal exchange with five hits.

Malmön the number one gun is 27 years old Antonio Colak, who once painted HJK on the net. The Croatian leads the Swedish Main Series paint exchange with seven hits.

Colak fluttered Malmö’s Saturday series against Mjällby AIF and can attack HJK with fresh legs.

German club Werder moved from Bremen to Malmö Niklas Moisander was against Mjällby for the first time in the opening line-up of his new team. The ex-captain of Huuhkaji played HJK in the match 13 minutes ago.

Niklas Moisander is strongly available for Malmö’s line-up.

If HJK wins on Tuesday, continuing the Champions League qualifiers against Scottish Rangers. That team is represented by the Owls Glen Chamber.

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Even at a loss the people of Helsinki would still be stuck in the Europel place. In that case, the qualifiers for the Champions League would be replaced by the qualifiers for the European League, where the loser from the Olympiakos (Greece) -Neftci (Azerbaijan) match would face.

The last straw for the European fields is the new Conference League, the qualifiers of which HJK would end up losing to both Malmö and the Olympics or Neftc.

HJK – Malmö FF will be played at Bolt Arena on Tuesday at 7 p.m.



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