Football The HJK captain was said goodbye to a one and a half minute tribute – “I’ve been playing here for four years and they come up with a new song for the game”

Daniel O’Shaughnessy will move to Germany in December.

Helsinki The last home game of the Football Club season ended in a happy mood when HJK defeated Alashkert of Armenia again in the Conference League. The opportunity to advance to further games had already escaped from HJK before, but the team won the 1-0 victory.

The captain of the HJK especially enjoyed the match Daniel O’Shaughnessy, who played his last match in the ranks of the people of Helsinki so far. The new team of the national team topper has been Karlsruher from Germany since December.

The home crowd remembered O’Shaughnessy, who played five, singing the captain’s name in the fifth minute and a half: “Daniel O’Shaughnessy, our captain.”

“It was pretty cool. I’ve been playing here for four years, and the faulty game they (supporters) come up with a new song. It became a good feeling, thank you to the fans, ”O’Shaughnessy said.

“It’s been a good four years. Three championships, ”and it’s good to finish this chore for this home win.

The only goal of the match was the start of the second period in the 48th minute from outside the penalty area Atomu Tanaka. The goal was the Japanese’s first injury since the end of July that kept Tanaka off the field for almost three months.

“Maybe not quite the best game of our season, but we got the result we wanted. Did they even touch the ball from the start of the second period before the ball was at the finish? We had a lot of counterattacks in the second period that the game could have solved in the past, ”O’Shaughnessy mused.

Block stage another victory could still be very valuable to HJK. In addition to the half-million prize money, HJK is the head coach Toni Koskelan according to almost certainly the team placed next summer in the opening round of the Champions League qualifiers. That would greatly help with the renewal of the block phase site.

“A really important victory for the club. I understand this means that next year we are definitely placed on the team. Of course, it does not guarantee anything, but it makes it possible that no team from any of the largest football countries in Europe will compete in the draw, ”said Koskela.

HJK will play their final game of the group stage on December 9 in Austria against LASK.

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