Football The head coach of the lynx women does not continue in his position – due to sub-style language use

Mika Lahtinen was banned from conducting three matches on Friday.

Football Ilves of the National League of Women has dismissed his head coach Mika Lahtinen.

The reason is the incident seen on May 29 in a match against HJK.

The people of Tampere lost the ball in an easy place, which made Lahtinen accelerate.

“Fuck, what a whore after all,” he spoke and turned toward the exchange fence.

“Fuck these with our touches.”

Lahtinen denied showing the words to any single player. Ilves first warned the coach.

Disciplinary Board gave Lahtinen an official ban on three matches on 18 June, after which Ilves dismissed the head coach.

“Taking into account the overall situation and the interests of the team, Ilves ry has decided together with the coach that the coach will not continue as the head coach of the women’s team, but will be transferred to other coaching positions in the club,” Ilves in the bulletin states.

The head coach of the Ilves women’s representative team was washed by Ilves ‘girls’ coaching manager Anssi Ylinen.



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