Football | The head coach of Sweden received support in the middle of the toddler, the star got frustrated after the game and turned the talk to his club team

Sweden will have to pick up speed from the C level of the Nations League.

Field assured the credit of the head coach to Janne Andersson on Tuesday evening, when Sweden’s disaster in the Nations League was confirmed.

In the Nations League, Sweden will have to pick up speed from the C level, after a draw against Slovenia was not enough to get them into the top three of the group.

For example, a midfielder Viktor Claesson said that it is not timely to discuss whether Andersson still enjoys confidence.

“If you look more broadly, you will notice that we have played under him in the European Championship and the World Championship, now we were close to the World Championship again. I don’t think the discussion is current”, Claesson told Aftonbladet.

Captain Victor Nilsson Lindelöf was on the same lines.

“We have full confidence in Janne. We have had a difficult period, not least in the group stage of the Nations League. It’s talked about, but we all have a huge amount of trust in Janne,” he said.

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SVT expert Daniel Nannskog thought it reasonable to continue with Andersson.

“It’s a good idea if the players trust him. We have to check if the players have credit and that is the task of the union,” said Nannskog.

Frustration for example, Tottenham’s midfielder shined for weak performances Dejan Kulusevski in the interview. Expressen says, that Kulusevski acknowledged the TV interview by using 14 words in his three heard answers. In addition, one short answer was not heard by the TV viewers due to sound problems.

In front of the print media, Kulusevski was a bit more talkative, but talking about the future of the national team was not really interesting.

Kulusevski was told that the C-League was waiting, after which the talk turned to the club team’s hurries.

“I think there is a match against Arsenal on Saturday,” Kulusevski said.

Later, Kulusevski commented on the C-League by stating that the series is challenging, as there are must-wins to open the way back up.

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