Football The defeat in Estonia sent an important signal to Joel Pohjanpalo of Huuhkaji during the European Championships: “The knee is okay”

Pohjanpalo, 26, does not draw bigger conclusions from the home loss.

Unprofitable European Championship training against Estonia gave Owls To Joel Pohjanpalo one signal over the other: he is in full play.

“After a minor injury, the most important thing is that the knee is in good condition and there is nothing to be afraid of,” Pohjanpalo said at a press conference in Huuhkaji on Saturday.

Union of the Northern Fire representing Berlin knee overstretched in mid-May after a failed scissor kick attempt at Leverkusen.

On Friday, Pohjanpalo played the first 62 minutes of the Estonian match. The 26-year-old striker experienced Markku Kanervan made the right decision by playing him for an hour and also recovering from injury Teemu Pukkia half hour.

“Surely everyone knows our teamwork works very well whenever we are on the field. Maybe it’s just good that we don’t show our skills in the general to opponents, ”Pohjanpalo said at an event posted on Youtube.

Owls went through a match that ended in a 0-1 loss in his Saturday afternoon meeting.

“Of course, the match left a shitty taste. It wasn’t the general we wanted, but I wouldn’t leave any of its bigger conclusions to draw from it, ”Pohjanpalo said.

“Sometimes it hurts about. Estonia defended itself very well and took our premises very well. ”

Pohjanpalo, who longed for better things to do with the owls, reminded of Finland’s position on the global species map. Success requires repeated fulfillment of your own potential.

“Everyone knows that when we play at our normal level and exceed it, we knock down big countries and win matches. When we don’t, that’s the result. ”

Joel Pohjanpalo (center) participated in Huuhkajö’s Saturday press conference with Robert Taylor (left) and Nicholas Hämäläinen.

Finland will play their next match in the rankings. The historic European Championship debut awaits in Copenhagen next Saturday.

“Fortunately, here are some pretty great weeks to come. Wait and see [Viro-]match from the video, reset it and start focusing completely on the Denmark match, ”Pohjanpalo said.

“I don’t think that when the ball starts moving in Denmark, it’s pretty different for Owls on the move then.”



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