Football The Danish team is slowly returning to the most normal: “One minute, one hour, one day at a time”

Denmark will meet Belgium on Thursday.

Danish The national football team returned to the field on Monday, for the first time since Saturday night’s dramatic European Championship opening game against Finland. Received a cardiac arrest in the match Christian Eriksen is, of course, still at the top of the team’s minds, but the team is also preparing for their next match, Belgium. One step at a time.

“The most important thing is that Christian is well. Personally, I have progressed from anxiety to gratitude and relief. Those feelings intensify hour by hour, also by the players and staff, ”the head coach Kasper Hjulmand told Monday night to the Danish DR1 channel.

Finland won Joel Pohjanpalon Denmark 1-0 and Belgium Russia 3-0. Finland will play against Russia on Wednesday, Denmark will face Belgium on Thursday.

“I have to sense who is really the most fit to play (Thursday). All players want to play, I think so, but emotions can splash on the surface. The rehearsals today (Monday) went very well from start to finish, it felt like we took that first little step forward. The next step then is a Tuesday workout, ”Hjulmand described.

“We’ve said we’re going minute, hour, day at a time.”



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