Football The British government is ready to overthrow the Super League even with legislation, including Prince William concerned about the “game we love”

The country’s leadership has announced that it will do its utmost not to implement the new Super League.

New The European Super League (ESL) has received a full-fledged match in the UK. Guardian according to the state leadership is ready to use hard measures to prevent the Super League from operating.

Country Education Secretary Gavin Williamson says the government intends to take the necessary steps to ensure that the interests of football are protected in the country.

These means include various penalties for teams or even changes in legislation so that the new league can be prevented from operating.

Sun.According to the magazine, laws could, for example, oblige football clubs to distribute the majority of their fans to fans and thus restrict businessmen to minority shareholders.

Visa laws could also be taken advantage of when clubs sign contracts with foreign players.

One state threat is to withdraw police support for crowd control in matches.

Super League previously condemned by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet with Football Association and Premier League officials as well as fans at a discussion event on Tuesday.

Johnson, who marked the new league as ridiculous, said Sun magazine in a video interview, he intends to make sure the Super League doesn’t go further than planned.

He doesn’t like the new league good for the sport and reminds the big clubs of the importance of the fans.

“While the teams are international brands, they are also local communities that should connect with their fans.”

Also the prince William expressed concern about the football community and safeguarding competition and fairness.

“I share the concerns of the fans on the proposed Super League and the damage that it can cause loving the game,” Prince tweeted.

Twelve the grand club said on Sunday night that it would form its own European Super League.

The news was revealed just before the European Football Association, Uefan, was due to announce its plans for the Champions League reform on Monday.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham have committed to the Super League.

From Spain, Atlético Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid registered, and from Italy AC Milan, Internazionale and Juventus.

ESL is scheduled to have 20 teams. Of these, 15 would be permanent and five teams would qualify each year for their place.

Super League has faced strong opposition. Fans and experts consider the Super League, which competes with the Champions League, to be unfair, as it excludes many top European clubs.

In addition, the 12 founding members cannot drop out of the league, which distorts competition.

The creation of a new league has been seen as creating a deep gap between European football players.

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In England, football fans have shown their dissatisfaction in protests with signs and posters.

In a picture spread on Twitter, fans are burning their Liverpool shirt in front of Leeds football stadium Elland Roed.

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