Football The ball always found a “stick-footed boy” – Robert Lewandowski struggled from muddy potato fields to become the best football player in the world

Robert Lewandowski is the most dangerous striker in the world today, but the start of his career did not promise much.

“We Poles we suffer from the inferiority complex. Polish children are not meant to be the best in the world. It’s just not supposed to happen. ”

Thus Robert Lewandowski explained The Players Tribune in his writing his disbelief after waking up next to the world’s best player award on a January morning.

The award given to Fewan Lewandowski by the International Football Association was fully deserved. The center striker has been one of the best footballers in the world in recent years, and last year he was in a class of his own.

Last year’s statistics for the 32-year-old Polish are unparalleled, but the road to the best in the world was as uneven as the field in a small Polish village, especially at the beginning of the journey.

Robert Lewandowski was born in the Polish capital, Warsaw, on August 21, 1988. He lived as a child in Leszno, a village of 4,000 inhabitants, less than an hour’s drive from Warsaw.

Lewandowski’s father Krzysztof was a former judoka and footballer, mother Iwona in turn, a former volleyball player. Both work as physical education teachers.

Leszno didn’t have a team for Robert’s age, so he started football at the age of five with his parents two years old. From the age of 8, he played for the Warsaw team in Warsaw, and with his travels, the training took four hours a day.

“I remember him as the smallest and thinnest boy. His legs looked like two thin sticks, ”said the then Warsaw coach Marek Siwecki Worldsoccerin by.

The circumstances were not strange. The field was so uneven that it was called a potato field. There were no showers in the barracks that served as changing rooms, but only one faucet was used, with which cold players rinsed most of the dirt from their feet with cold water.

However, Lewandowski did not always manage to bother washing after rehearsals.

“I ran around the field in the rain, and finally sat in the car from above in the mud. Then we drove in the dark and were home from ten in the afternoon, ”he told The Players Tribune.

Despite their small size, “the ball always found Lewandowski,” as several coaches describe the situation on the field. The skills and attitude impressed both the coaches and the playmates.

The behavior of one’s own parents in the auditorium, on the other hand, has remained in Robert’s mind in addition to the coaches.

“They never shouted instructions, as many other parents did. They just told me to forget the opinions of the critics and follow my instincts, ”Robert Lewandowski said.

Robert Lewandowski got to celebrate the Champions League victory on August 23, 2020.­

Krzysztof Lewandowski died in 2005 when Robert was 16 years old. The promising striker had moved a little earlier to the second team of the Grand Club Legia Warsaw in the country’s third division.

However, the wash was short. A knee injury led the team’s management to doubt Lewandowski’s future, and the contract was not extended after the first season.

“They didn’t bother to send a coach or technical manager to talk about it, but a secretary,” Lewandowski recalled the biggest disappointment at the beginning of his career.

However, the crying in her mother’s car eventually turned into a smile.

A new venue was found in the small club of the same league level in Znicz Pruszków near Warsaw. Lewandowski was suspected at first, but after rehabilitating from a knee injury, the goal nets began to sway, and the sway has not stopped yet.

During Pruszków, Lewandowski also met his future wife Annan, who studied physical education at the University of Warsaw.

From Znicz Pruszków, the journey continued to Lech Poznań, one of the country’s major clubs. After two seasons in western Poland and a total of 41 goals, it was time to move to even flatter grasslands just over 700 kilometers away in western Germany.

Robert Lewandowski from Jürgen Klopp got a father figure and a great coach.­

Borussia Dortmund acquired a 21-year-old central striker in June 2010. In Dortmund, with a population of just under 600,000, Lewandowski found a new father figure.

He became the head coach of the club two years earlier Jürgen Kloppin the significance was big for Lewandowski, but the relationship outside the field grew at least as important. However, the language barrier was quite good at the beginning.

“I could only speak German in a few words. I knew the words danke [kiitos] and scheiße [paska]. ”

Lewandowski was keen to show off their skills, and Klopp wanted to challenge the striker. So the duo agreed on a practice-related bet.

If Lewandowski scored ten goals in one practice, Klopp would pay 50 euros. If the limit were not reached, the fee would fall on Lewandowski.

“In the first few weeks, I had to pay almost every time, but after a few months, the situation changed. One day he said that was enough. I was ready, he said. ”

Later in the season, the duo had an in-depth discussion about Lewandowski’s game, and three days after the discussion, a hat trick arose against Augsburg.

“I understand now that the conversation was the kind I had longed for after my father died. I was able to talk to Jürgen about everything and trust him. ”

Lewandowski helped Dortmund win two consecutive championships and one Cup victory by scoring a total of 103 goals in 187 matches and giving 42 goal passes in all competitions.

In the 2012–13 season, Dortmund advanced to the Champions League final, but at Wembley in London, Bayern Munich lifted the trophy after winning 2–1.

Lewandowski became the first player to score four goals in the semi-finals when Real Madrid crashed 4-1. In the end, Lewandowski was second on the paint exchange with ten hits.

Season 2013–14 brought the Bundesliga paint kingdom and transfer to Bayern Munich.

At Bayern, paint nets have swelled at a dazzling pace, and the cabinet is filled with prizes.

Lewandowski has now celebrated the German championship six times in a row, and the Cup victory twice in a row.

The season 2019–20 was perfect. In addition to the Championship and Cup, Bayern won the Champions League, the German Supercup and the Uefa Supercup. Lewandowski scored a total of 55 goals in 47 matches and scored ten.

The 184-centimeter Lewandowski is a combination of strength and skill. He finishes convincingly with both feet and, thanks to his good effort and timing, also wears it on.

Physics has earned him the nickname “the body”. Other nicknames are Lewy and Lewangoalski, which is explained by years of paint tint.

The pace has continued to be astounding this season as well. The nets have already swung 22 times in 16 matches, and Gerd Müllerin The 40-hit Bundesliga goal record is in real jeopardy. Lewandowski clearly leads the competition for the golden shoe, the title of best goal scorer in the European series.

Physical Anna, who is a nutritionist, has helped to achieve top fitness. For example, sweets that were part of the diet at a young age have been left out along the way.

“Sweets were a big problem when I was younger. I couldn’t walk past the candy shelf. It took me many years to get to this point, but now I don’t really like sweets anymore, ”Lewandowski said. In an interview with the Bundesliga in the year 2015.

Bayern supporters, on the other hand, are accustomed to the delicacies, and sweet will be available to fill the stomach for at least another two years, as Lewandowski’s contract will not expire until 2023.

Lewandowski in figures


minutes went into scoring five goals against Wolfsburg in 2015. The performance is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.


children together with Anna Lewandowska: Klara and Laura.


million was donated by Robert and Anna to work against the coronavirus in March 2020.


goals and 126 goals in 613 club matches.


goals in 116 international matches.


yellow and one red card for club teams.


million is the annual salary.


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