Football The audience finally got to watch the Veikkausliiga in Helsinki – HIFK overthrew Honga

IFK took its fourth win of the season in front of 1,030 spectators. There was no congestion in the gates or auditoriums.

HIFK – FC Honka 1–0

Football Following on site is part of many summers.

Now it is also possible to play at the Veikkausliiga level in Helsinki, when the audience restrictions brought about by the corona pandemic were eased.

HIFK was allowed to take on spectators for the first time for their Honka match on Tuesday, which attracted 1,030 spectators. The club was well prepared for the situation: there were more than 20 auditorium blocks in use.

The gates of Töölö Bolt Arena opened to bench athletes an hour before the start of the fight. The crowd arrived at the match a little quietly, and there was no congestion at the gates.

“When we don’t know how the arrangements work, we came in time,” Johan Ehrman said at the HIFK fan products outlet about half an hour before the match.

Law enforcement officers and police were allowed to wait for the start of the match in complete peace.

Ehrman arrived to encourage IFK to his son Jesper Ehrmanin with. A 9-year-old young man was dressed Jabar Sharzan IFK shirt.

Normally in Klacken, at the end of the IFK supporters, the Ehrmans following the games now headed for the sun. Even the sunny weather lifted the mood.

“We have peeked into the Gnistan training game in Oulunkylä from outside. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get to Kotka because he had a game, but now we’re here, ”Father Ehrman said.

He describes his family as “Helsinki residents who are evacuated in Espoo”. Jesper Ehrman plays football in Kauniainen, Grankulla, at IFK.

“The best thing about HIFK games is that they win,” said Jesper Ehrman, who had already seen his first match in the stroller.

Viewers arrived at the match between HIFK and Honga at a steady pace, and no congestion arose.

Safety was taken into account at the match event, among other things, with announcements that began well before the game.

There were hand-held gates at the gates, and the public was instructed on both safety intervals and mask escape. The stewards at least went upstairs to instruct those sitting without a mask, but the message still didn’t get to all the spectators.

Supporters from IFK and Honga were more closely packed at the stadium.

“Likely [ottelutapahtumassa] is safe enough, ”Johan Ehrman said.

“After all, those arrangements have not been annoyed. I believe that Korona is a serious disease, and I fully understand the plight of the club and the need for cash on hand. This is now such a compromise. That’s why we now buy fan products. ”

Special arrangements require a lot of staff to match. Checked tickets at the gate Aino Heikkinen was in his first HIFK match on Tuesday.

“It hasn’t been congested yet. It is expected that there will be more shortly before the start of the game, ”Heikkinen said about half an hour before the start of the match.

Were there queues at the gates before opening the gates?

“It really wasn’t,” Heikkinen replied.

The match was also followed outside the Bolt Arena.

HIFK scored the only goal of the match in the 19th minute when Jusif Ali escaped to score and placed the ball on his left side Tim Murrayn.

IFK built their hit through the left wing Pipe Sáezin the continuation of the throw-in. The situation started from his own half of the field led to the goal after Aatu Kujanpää’s free-kick pass.

Kujanpää’s accurate right-foot vertical shot behind Honka’s line of defense took Ali’s beak with Murray. A moment later, Ali, 21, ventilated his opening goal for the season.

The win for IFK, which rose to 14 points, was fourth in the season. Honka, who continued in six points, suffered her sixth loss of the summer.

Honka has won only the rising teams KTP and AC Oulu this season.



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