Football Teemu Pukki tries to get joys on the national team to counterbalance Norwich’s gloomy season: “As a team player, you can’t be happy with the season”

Finland will face Iceland in a practice match in Murcia on Saturday.

Theme The Norwich season in the English Premier League in Norwich has been a minor victory, and the Finnish striker is not satisfied with the situation.

“The full job is to stay in the series. It is difficult, but we have to trust that this will still turn around, ”Pukki said at the Finnish national team’s remote briefing on Friday.

With just 17 points, Norwich is home to the league table jumbo as the team has 29 league matches behind it. Pukki has scored eight goals in the Premier League this season.

“I’m not starting to differentiate between personal and team play in the middle of the season. As a team player, you can’t be satisfied with the season, ”said Pukki.

For Norwich, the 1-2 loss to Leeds in the previous match was a big disappointment. Norwich equalized with extra time, but Leeds still rose to victory after that.

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“Truly stinging. I don’t know if we would have earned points from that game, but last minute losses are always stinging, ”Pukki admitted.

According to Puk, at least he has not yet started new contract negotiations with Norwich. The Finnish striker is now playing for the second time with Norwich in the Premier League.

“We haven’t created as many seats as in my first Premier League season.

The buck is on his way to the national team at a training and game camp in Murcia, Spain. Finland will meet Iceland in Murcia on Saturday and Slovakia next Tuesday.

The buck was also named one of the new vice captains for the national team in Murcia.

Iceland the national team’s course has been down from the success times a few years ago.

“Iceland is a pretty straightforward and physical team. A team that works hard, ”is the head coach of the national team Markku Kanerva summed up and emphasized that Finland must be careful with the special situations of the opponent.

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Finland has four players in Murcia whose A national team debut has not been made: Miska Ylitolva, Lucas Lingman, Miro Tenho and Mikael Soisalo. Debutants Richard Jensen the national team camp was interrupted due to a facial injury.

“The intention is to share responsibility widely. It may be that we are seeing small grouping changes, ”Kanerva said.

He mentioned that the team may play in a group of 3-4. In recent years, owls have become accustomed to being seen mainly in the group 5–3–2 and 4–4–2, the former of which can be indicated in the direction of attack with the numbers 3–5–2.

Kanerva mentioned the creation of finish areas and a high press as one of the priorities of the Murcia camp.

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