Football Teammate praises “ridiculously good” Pukk: “His movement is so smart”

Todd Cantwell says he will practice scoring with Puk after regular practice.

Norwich Teemu Pukin the color tone has been dizzying lately, and the man is raining praise from all over.

Head coach Daniel Farke has praised fiery attacker on several occasions, and most recently overturned by a teammate Todd Cantwell.

Cantwell’s Fifth hit brought Norwich a 2-1 away win over Sheffield Wednesday on Sunday.

Goat made the team leveling with dazzling cannon. The goal was already 21st for him this season and a total of 50th in the Championship Series. The match is only 75th for Pukille, and he reached the milestone the fastest ever.

“Teemu is ridiculously good. He does a lot more for the team than just goals, ”Cantwell said To the Eastern Daily Press.

“His movement is so smart. He pulls opponents out of the way and creates situations for others at the same time. ”

“It’s a real pleasure to play with someone like that.”

He told For Pink Un magazine often staying with Puk still to practice scoring after team practice.

“I’ve been practicing a lot of finishing the last couple of season. Teemu and I often stay after practice to hone shots. ”

Todd Cantwell scored the winning goal against Sheffield Wednesday on March 14th.­

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