Football Sweden lost their God, but Zlatan was replaced by a player from whom a new legend can grow

Sweden lost their biggest star, Zlatan, but he was replaced by a player who is expected to do great things in the future. HS met with Swedish fans and goes through the Swedish race team.


God told the news on Instagram itself.

On March 16, 2021, he said he would return.

Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovićia could call football a star player, but that would be a kind of understatement. There are star players, but players like Zlatan are real rarities.

He is one of the best scorers in the sport to hit goals in the top series in his forties. In addition, Zlatan has created a self-brand within which it would be natural for him to describe himself as the most outstanding athlete of all time, in any sport.

There where Maradona sometimes at his disposal for a moment the hand of God, Zlatan declares himself directly as a god.

While Zlatan in March said he would return to the national team, Sweden’s head coach Janne Andersson named Zlatan in the national championship group of his country.

After a five-year break, 39-year-old Zlatan would play again in a Swedish shirt.

“He is the best player of all time in Sweden. He has a lot of experience that benefits the whole team, ”head coach Andersson described.

At the first press conference, Zlatan also appeared more humble than usual. He said the team is not about him. He was just one piece of the puzzle.

Zlatan returned to the group and became the oldest national team player of all time in Sweden, but in the end Zlatan’s return failed. The Italian AC Milan player was injured and had to miss the game.

Sweden lost its God, but can the loss of Zlatan make Sweden even stronger?

Zlatan was replaced on the team by at least an interesting name, 23 years old Jordan Larsson, a Swedish football legend Henrik Larsson son.

Jordan Larsson

Hans Harbom blowing a yellow balloon from the saturation of his lungs.

He prepares a terrace for a party. We are in the main restaurant for Swedish fans right next to the Swedish National Arena in Solna. The game of the Swedish national team is about to start.

Hans Harbom, fans.

Finland is facing. It is the second to last practice game for both teams before the European Championships. A nice fraternal encounter is coming, Harbom believes. That is what happened, and Sweden won 2-0, but we do not know yet.

Harbom is part of the Swedish national team’s supporters’ association, Gula Väggen. He leaves to watch Swedish games for Spain and Russia. According to Harbom, Sweden has a strong team to which he would give a wound of seven.

Sweden and Finland played a practice match at Friends Arena. This was the last national match in Sweden to which the public was not admitted due to interest rate restrictions.

He regrets the loss of Zlatan.

“In this situation, it would have been better if he hadn’t even come back. He had time to raise hopes. Now it might be a little depressed to feel how good we would have been, ”Harbom says.

But because Zlatan has not been with the national team in recent years, Sweden has grown into a different team.

“Sweden’s advantage is that we are a collective. We no longer have a single megasuperstar. We have regained classic Sweden, where everyone is equally valuable. ”

It was reflected in the 2018 World Cup. Sweden, which played without Zlatan, won their first block, behind Mexico, South Korea and Germany. Switzerland collapsed in the quarter-finals, and the games ended in a semi-finals loss against England.

William Andersson followed the international match against Finland with his father Kent Andersson. Father Andersson recalled that the Swedish Hans Backe would still coach the Owls.

Harbom compares the Swedish team to Finland, a team that fights united with a big heart. At the same time, he welcomes Finland to the first value competitions, “the club to which Finland belongs”. He is passionate about praising Finland’s new kind of confident style of play.

“Finland plays in a completely different way than, say, five years ago,” he says, suggesting that perhaps the Swedes could be thanked a little for it.

Hans Backe coached Finland in 2016, and maybe that was when some seeds of self-confidence were planted, ”Harbom thinks.

Perhaps. Certainly it increased its character, when during Backen’s coaching period Finland did not win one game, but now we are not talking about Finland any more.

What kind of players does Sweden have?

Like Harbom described, individual megastars are exhausting, but the team has scope and quality.

There are players from the Premier League (defender Victor Nilsson Lindelöf, Manchester United), from Serie A (Midfield Dejan Kulusevski, Juventus), Bundesliga (forward Robin Quaison, Mainz) and La Liga (striker Alexander Isak, Real Sociedad).

Admittedly, on Tuesday, the Swedish team got scary news. The coronavirus has punished Sweden and now also the Swedish national team. First, Juventus star Kulusevski found out about a positive corona test result. Next, a positive test result was given by a representative of Bologna Mattias Svanberg. Due to infections, head coach Andersson named a new six-player reserve to train in his own bubble outside the European Championship team.

Players In addition to the major leagues, Sweden can also be found in the Swedish league and even in the Swedish division 1, when coach Andersson decided to raise the veteran captain. Andreas Granqvistin to the team.

The Swedish league Allsvenskan is also important for Finland, as in the Finnish European Championship group three players play in the Swedish main league. Also head coach Markku Kanerva has played in Sweden.

The Swedish group has breadth and breadth. It was also raised by Kanerva after the match between Sweden and Finland. Sweden did not play its best crew but took an easy win, although of course Finland also played as a deputy.

Sweden was sure against Finland. In the middle, his skills flashed for example Emil Forsberg, which calmed the game and played with confidence.

Jordan Larsson, who replaced Zlatan, also took the show. The striker plays for the Russian league Spartak in Moscow, where he is in a good mood. 15 goals have been scored in 29 games. He is the most powerful player on his team and the best scorer.

Prior to moving to Moscow, Larsson played 42 games for IFK Norrköping, Sweden, with 12 goals scored.

Against Finland, Larsson played for more than 25 minutes and occasionally flashed his speed and playfulness, although he did not make a big impact on the game.

Jordan Larsson among Finnish players in a practice match in Stockholm at the end of May.

Larsson is an interesting player also because he has a Swedish football background.

Father Henrik Larsson is currently the assistant coach in Barcelona. His playing career is undeniably tough in light of the numbers.

Larsson, who did great things for Celtic and Barcelona, ​​played 575 matches in club teams and scored 325 goals. In the Swedish national team Larsson played 106 matches and scored 37 goals.

Jordan Larsson have scored one goal in five national matches so far.

The name of the future, Swedish fans believe.

“He’s fantastic,” says Gula Väggen, founder of the support association Andreas Richt.

“I would have chosen him for the team earlier. The fact that one of the best strikers in the Russian league doesn’t get us on the team shows that we have almost as good strikers as Teemu Pukki”Richt continues.

In this competition, Larsson will be Sweden’s surprise card. Maybe a player who comes in from the substitution and decides the game.

Andreas Richt, Hans Harbom and Felix Matthiessen planned to travel to St. Petersburg through Finland in a bus caravan, but canceled the plan due to Finland’s corona restrictions.

Jordan Larsson has often been compared as a player to his father. The boy has also said he would one day be as good as his father but would not care to be compared to him.

Henrik Larsson, who finished his national team game in 2009, managed to grow into an immortal icon of Swedish football. In fact, his greatness has been somewhat overshadowed by Zlatan, Richt says.

“Henke Larsson should get a statue. And he would surely have had a statue if Zlatan had not become a Swedish super-god before the end of the Spirit’s career. ”

However, Richt believes that the comparison between the older and younger Larsson is not correct.

“With regard to Jordan Larsson, it is unfair to compare him to his father. Let Jordan be Jordan and do his own thing ”.

And if Richt is asked, he can predict how Larsson will do in the race: Larsson will come in from the exchange against Spain and take Sweden to a 2-1 win.

In Sweden is a demanding start in the European Championships, which includes Slovakia and Poland in addition to Spain. However, yellow shirts have a good chance of continuing. The Swedish block is not as difficult as the Finnish block, which is faced by the race organizers Denmark and Russia and the extremely tough Belgium.

“You had the worst possible lottery. Even if you have Teemu Pukki, it is difficult to move on, ”analyzes Hans Harbom.


“After all, you won in the French guests, you can only win who. In addition, Finland now also plays well against weaker opponents. Reliability has increased. Before you could win in the Portuguese guests but then lose at home to some Kazakhstan. ”

Now there are no weaker opponents in sight, but Harbom believes that Finland still has opportunities. That’s what Richt believes. He sees Finland progressing with Teemu Puk’s goals until the semi-finals.

Sweden both have hard credit. Final place is possible. And the championship, of course. Above all, fans believe that Sweden will play good games in the Games, which can be satisfied.

And that behind good games is a team, not superstars.

The European Championship match between Spain and Sweden will be played on Monday at 10 pm in St. Petersburg. Yle TV2 and Yle Areena are playing now.

Swedish National Arena at Friends Arena in Solna.

Swedish team to the European Championships


Victor Nilsson Lindelöf, Manchester United

Pontus Jansson, Brentford

Marcus Danielson, Dalian

Andreas Granqvist, Helsingborgs IF

Martin Olsson, BK Häcken

Filip Helander, Rangers

Mikael Lustig, AIK

Emil Krafth, Newcastle

Ludwig Augustinsson, Werder Bremen


Albin dating in Ekdal, Sampdoria

Sebastian Larsson, AIK

Kristoffer Olsson, Krasnodar

Viktor Claesson, Krasnodar

Dejan Kulusevski, Juventus

Emil Forsberg, RB Leipzig

Mattias Svanberg, Bologna

Ken Sema, Watford

Jens dating in Cajuste, Midtjylland

Gustav Svensson, Guangzhou


Alexander Isak, Real Sociedad

Robin Quaison, Mainz

Marcus Berg, Krasnodar

Jordan Larsson, Spartak Moscow



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