Football Spain scored a gruesome own goal – here are other handsome and comical failures over the years

On football fields, you always see bad failures in front of your own goal.

Spanish keeper Unai Simon made one of the worst mistakes in the history of the European Football Championship that led to his own goal when he slipped Pedrin feed to own goal in the quarterfinals against Croatia.

Simon’s own goal reminded me of a Finnish goalkeeper Peter Enckelmann the same type of error from 2002. Enckelmann was Aston Villa’s goalkeeper at the time, and in a local match against Birmingham Enckelman let go of Villa’s defender. Olof Mellbergin a throw-in to your own goal.

In the upcoming European Championships, a total of nine own goals have been scored since Simon Hassi.

Slovak goalkeeper Martin Dúbravka competes with Simon for the most horrible mistake in the title.

Dúbravka knocked the ball home to try to clear the top line over Spain against Spain in the final match of the first half.

Also Finnish Lukas Hradecky put the ball in an unfortunate goal against Belgium when the ball bouncing off the top hit Hradecky and went to the goal.

The season has seen quite a bit of table work of its own, here are a few:

The goalkeeper flickered his own scary goal in the World Cup qualifiers – “That is heartbreaking”

Own goal after half a minute of play – Barcelona crushed Chelsea in the Champions League final

Such a goal of one’s own is often not seen: a calm butt in one’s own net seals the final readings

The top Dutch team PSV goalkeeper had a blunder reminiscent of Peter Enckelmann’s classic own goal

Is this the most handsome or comical goal of the season? The PSG attack progressed nicely, although the Lyon players deservedly assisted



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