Football Soccer Champions League is renewed: more teams, blocks leave and everyone plays in the same series

Uefa published its plans for the Champions League from 2024 onwards.

Football The Champions League will change in the season 2024. The European Football Association Uefa announced on Monday that the team, now known as the group stage, will have 36 teams instead of 32.

However, there are no blocks, and all teams play ten matches against opponents of different levels. Teams are placed in four draw baskets according to level, and opponents would then come from different baskets.

The top eight teams in the league table will advance directly to the playoffs, with the next 16 teams playing from the eight remaining sequels.

All that was said about the distribution of the four new seats was that one would go to the fifth toughest European series at the moment, the French Ligue 1.

Late on Sunday, 12 major European clubs said they would form the European Super League. Uefa knocks out the intent and threatens both clubs and players with harsh sanctions.

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