Football Sassuolo’s coach would like to boycott Wednesday’s Milan match because of the Super League

Roberto De Zerbi was furious with AC Milan.

Football Coach of Sassuolo, who will play in Serie A in the Italian main series Roberto De Zerbi would like his club to boycott Wednesday’s match against AC Milan.

De Zerb’s boycott desires are driven by the Milanese club’s possible involvement in the new Super League.

“I don’t like playing this match because Milan is one of those clubs. I told the CEO about it Giovanni Carnevalille and my players, ”De Zerbi told news agency AFP.

“But if Carnevali obliges me [otteluun], then I will go without a doubt. ”

De Zerbi, 41, just started his professional career as a player in AC Milan. He said he was furious when information about the Super League and the clubs leaving for it came out.

The founding clubs of the series are called bullies by the Italian pilot.

“Football belongs to everyone and is meritocratic. The activities of these clubs reduce the ability of weaker clubs to follow their own path, ”De Zerbi said.

“It looks like a workman’s son can’t dream of being a doctor or a lawyer.”

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