Football Russian teams shelved from next season’s Champions League – “Full of Russophobic hysteria,” says Russian footballer

Russia is also not in the women’s European Championship final.

The Russians football teams have been shelved for next season’s club tournaments in eurozone tournaments, the European Football Association (Uefa) reported on Monday, according to news agency AFP.

Shelving for the Champions League and other Eurozone tournaments, the Europa League and the European Conference League in 2022-2023.

Russian clubs and Russian national teams were originally shelved for international activities in February, “until further notice”. The shelving took place after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Uefa also confirmed on Monday that Russia will not participate in the women’s European Championship final in the summer. Portugal will be replaced by Portugal.

Uefa also rejected Russia’s application as a candidate for the 2028 and 2032 Men’s European Championships.

Moscow Former owner of Spartak Andrei Chervichenko comments To eloquently Uefa’s decisions.

“Full of Russophobic hysteria, which is completely illegal,” Chervichenko said.

“It will be interesting to see how this matter is handled in court.”

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Chervichenko believes that the clubs will receive significant compensation after the lawsuits.

“There are no legal grounds for shelving.”

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