Football Rafael Benítez, who piloted to win the Liverpool Champions League, left his Chinese club

The British magazine The Guardian believes the champion coach will soon be linked to his former club, Newcastle United.

Champion coach Rafael Benítez left his wash at the helm of Chinese Super League Dalian Professional FC on Saturday.

The Spanish pilot would still have had his contract left for the season. Benítez and his coaching team left their seats due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision of the 60-year-old coach was reported by, among others, the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC as well as a British newspaper The Guardian.

“Unfortunately, the coronavirus has changed our lives. As of today, my team and I will unfortunately no longer coach Dalian, ”Benítez wrote to their website.

“The pandemic is still here. It affects us all, and supporting our families is a priority in making this decision. ”

Benitez coached Dalian from July 2019. He described his years in China as an incredible experience.

“I want to thank the whole staff for that: the coaches, the doctors and the club staff and of course the players,” Benítez wrote.

“We have tried to learn and understand the new culture and to convey a more professional and European view of football.”

Several Benítez, who piloted top clubs, coached Liverpool to win the Champions League in the spring of 2005.

He also won the English Cup (2006) and the Uefan Supercup (2005) at the helm of the club.

Benítez became the winner of the Europa League in Chelsea in 2013 and the world champion of club teams at the Internationalna in 2010.

Benítez left for China from Newcastle United. According to The Guardian, it seems inevitable that he will be linked to the club soon after the recent news.

Newcastle is 15th in the Premier League, and the club’s current coach and Benítez’s successor Steve Bruce feels the ever-increasing pressure on his neck.


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