Football Police were found guilty of killing Dalian Atkinson, who played in the Premier League

Atkinson died in August 2016 after police used a remote crawler three times and then kicked Atkinson twice in the head.

23.6. 22:28

British court on Wednesday found police guilty of once playing football in the English Premier League Dalian Atkinson to kill.

Atkinson died in August 2016 when police used a remote crawler more than six times longer than normal and then kicked at least twice in the head.

Incident occurred in Telford, England, when police were alerted to Atkinson’s father’s house. Dalian Atkinson was reported to have behaved unstable and shouted on the street.

According to the prosecutor, the police used the remote control three times. The third use of the paralyzer, according to the prosecutor, took 33 seconds instead of the normal five seconds.

Prosecutors said police continued to use the paralyzer, even though Atkinson was defenseless on the ground, and then kicked this at least twice in the forehead. Atkinson has been found to have serious health problems in the past.

Atkinson, 48, died at the hospital about an hour after the incident.

Police appealed to self-defense, but the prosecutor said police had exaggerated the threat from Atkinson and lied about the events.

The 43-year-old police officer will receive his sentence on Monday, and the judge in the case said “imprisonment is inevitable.”

Atkinson also played in the Spanish and Turkish leagues during his career. He is best remembered for Aston Villa in the early 1990s.



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