Football Pep Guardiola reveals a surprising reason for Manchester City’s winning streak: “We run less”

Manchester City has gradually risen to the very top of the league.

Football Manchester City manager in the Premier League Pep Guardiola tells how the team got to play again after a weak early season. The team is now in the winning streak of six matches.

“The only difference is that we run less. We ran too much. When you play football, you have to walk or run much, much less, ”says Guardiola, according to Reuters.

“You have to run without the ball. But with the ball you have to stay more in the right place and let the ball move. We have made progress on these issues. ”

If City wins Brighton on Wednesday, it will rise four points away from league top Manchester United with one match less.

City has also scored exceptionally few goals this season. In fifteen games, 24 have been born, which is the least of the top 9 teams in the Premier League, but in the last matches the goal factory has improved. In the last six matches, there have been 15 goals in all competitions.

“It’s normal that after good results, we find we can do it [maalien tekemiseen] again as before. And so we have to keep going too, ”Guardiola said.


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