Football Pep Guardiola criticizes the Super League for lack of athleticism and lists grievances in support of his criticism

Guardiola coaches Manchester City, one of the founding members of the Super League.

Football Manager of Manchester City, one of the founding clubs of the Super League Pep Guardiola criticizes the format of the series on Tuesday for its lack of athleticism.

“It’s not a sport when effort and reward have no relationship to each other. It is not a sport when success is guaranteed in advance. It’s not a sport if the loss doesn’t matter at all, ”he listed according to international news agencies AFP and Reuters.

Guardiola shared his views at a press conference on the eve of the Aston Villa away game. He heard about the Super League only hours before the matter came to light.

“If you ask me about these selected clubs, then I don’t know why,” Guardiola said of the teams involved.

Guardiola made it clear that large clubs should not be protected from failures on the ground.

The Spanish pilot said at a press conference that he had said many times before that he wanted the best possible competition, especially for the Premier League.

He says it’s wrong if clubs fighting for a Champions League spot like Leicester City or West Ham United can’t get a reward for their performance.

“It’s not fair when a team fights, rises to the top, and it’s not acceptable because success is already guaranteed for a few clubs.”

City lead the Premier League by eight points to Manchester United. Leicester is third in the series and West Ham fourth.

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