Football One butt was too much for a 19-year-old English professional, his career ended like a wall: “I still suffer from symptoms every day”

Bobby Copping’s diagnosis did not become a physical head injury.

Professional footballer Bobby Copping pushed the ball in a practice match last July. He was then in the hospital for four days: Copping got scenes in which he lost his sight and part of his body went numb, says BBC.

The defender of the English Premier League, third-class Peterborough United, hoped it was a one-off strange accident.

But this was not the case. Copping’s return match was exactly the same.

Outcome: Copping’s 19th career ended just as he was breaking into the No. 1 team.

“It’s scary how fast things can change because I was just on the fly, I played really well, I did everything as well as I could, and then I pushed the ball and my career was in it,” Copping tells the BBC.

As symptoms recurred, Copping was sent for more detailed examinations and was diagnosed with psychological trauma.

BBC’s according to Copping had no problems in his career before and he had been pushing the ball since he was 8 years old. That’s when he joined the Norwich Juniors.

“I still suffer from symptoms every day. I have memory problems and it is worrying at such a young age, but hopefully it will improve over time. I can’t be a passenger in a car because I get really sick and I get headaches, ”Copping says.

Copping says the drugs didn’t suit him at all.

“They knocked me out completely and I literally couldn’t move.”

Right on top of that, Copping hasn’t had to stay, as Peterborough found him a new role in the club’s commercial operations.

“I am glad that I got right into it [työhön] and I also enjoy it. ”

In football has recently emerged a link between head injuries and dementia. For example, in the Premier League, an additional substitution right has been introduced for a head injury so that a player does not continue the match after a hard collision.

However, in the case of Copping, it has not been confirmed that Pushing the ball would have resulted in termination. Copping anyway is worth the new rule.

“The brain is everyone’s future, and football is a very small part of everyone’s life.”

Copping has received a lot of support from around the football world, and for example the striker of the Tottenham and England national teams Harry Kane has been in contact with him and sent Copping his jersey.

“My goal now is to help other people,” Copping says.

“Whether it’s raising awareness of head injuries in football or other sports, or raising awareness of mental health issues, because I know what happened and going through it has been a struggle.”

Copping has one piece of advice.

“Go to every match as if it were your last. I have been unfortunate enough to know how it feels to change everything overnight. “


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