Football Now there is a ball size! The video shows how Lego employees piled up a giant football in honor of the European Championships

The ball took about 150 hours to build and required 173,600 Lego blocks.

Approaching the European Football Championships and the Lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic made Lego employees spend their time building a giant football.

Published by Legon and the news agency Reuters on Sunday morning on their Twitter account conveying the video tells the ball to be the largest lego football in the world.

“It’s really great that we’ve been able to take advantage of the lack of visitors caused by the lockdown for this amazing construction work,” Lego’s site manager Gitte Cort says in the video.

“I’m really excited to see it.”

European Championships all the company’s employees, from cleaners and designers to CEOs, participated in the implementation of the Lego football, which was built in honor.

The ball took about 150 hours to build and required 173,600 Lego blocks.

“I think the end result is great. It’s huge, and it looks just like football, ”Legon tour manager Astrid Mueller says.

Lego’s home country Denmark plays in the European Championship final tournament in the same starting block as Finland, Belgium and Russia. Owls will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark next week on Saturday, June 12th.



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