Football Not always a field or a touch of velvet in Italy either – Serie D saw quite a goal of its own

The easy situation ended up in its own goal due to poor performance.

In Finland football, especially in the early spring, often has to be played on slightly weak grass, but the playing surface is not always velvet even in the big countries of the sport.

The Italian Serie D, the country’s fourth league match, saw what a slightly weaker start, combined with a lack of skill, could result from Ghivizzano hosting Corregesea.

Match had progressed undefeated in the first half hour when it began to happen.

The home team played the ball for their own goalkeeper, who failed badly on the uneven ground.

However, the situation did not look very dangerous as the ball flew towards the defender Alessio Greaa. This was a good period for the visitors, with several opportunities to take the lead, particularly when FC slipped through the defense on the right I hit the ball in the middle of his own goal waiting empty.

After 82 minutes, the visitors leveled the scores after Grea made it through the middle and struck home the 1 – 1 goal. Luca Forten scored a 2-1 victory in the 87th minute.

Serie D is divided into nine regional blocks. Ghivizzano is the last of the 20 teams in Group D and Corregese is 13th.

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