Football No Tiquinho, but still a victory party – HIFK calms its frustrated supporters

Four Helsinki IFK, which played a consecutive men’s football league match without a goal, was successful on Monday for a long time, when HIFK won Inter in Turku Jake Dunwoodyn with a goal of 1–0. HIFK’s previous goal had been scored on 15 June Jusif Ali.

Dunwoody scored a goal for 69 minutes. The finish was the Northern Irishman’s first HIFK shirt.

HIFK’s the supporters had a sheet in Turku with the text “no Tiquinho, no party” written on it. Brass striker Tiquinho scored ten goals for HIFK in the second season.

On Saturday, KTP from Kotka announced that it had received a favorite striker from Helsinki supporters for the rest of the season.

On Monday, Tiquinho already played in KTP’s shirt against Haka, but did not succeed in scoring. The battle at the stern between KTP and Haka ended in a 0-0 draw.

The unfinished result did not satisfy either. Haka’s line of non-winning games stretched to seven, KTP’s to nine.



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