Football Nearly the whole team ahead – Lionel Messin hit a free kick after an embarrassingly long break

Messi scored his only goal in the Copa América match against Chile.

Lionel Messiah is considered the best footballer of all time, and one of the man’s trademarks is free kicks.

Messi, representing FC Barcelona, ​​has fired huge numbers of free-kick goals in recent years, and now came the success in the Argentine national team shirt as well.

Mess’s previous free-kick hit in the Argentine shirt was born in the World Cup qualifier against Colombia on November 15, 2016.

The latest demonstration of shooting skills was obtained at the South American championship tournament in Copa América, when Argentina faced Chile the night before Tuesday in Finnish time.

Messi were able to draw a foul with their counterattacks, but the shot from 20 meters went into the arms of the keeper. Chile placed five players on the actual wall. In addition, in a slightly more tattered formation, there were four players on either side of the wall.

Equally, all the field players stood in the penalty area with the idea of ​​blocking Mess’s free kick goal.

The idea remained. Messi fired a spiral ball over the wall towards the top right corner. Keeper Claudio Bravo got his hand a little in between, but the ball still sank into the net.

Furious ventilation spoke of the importance of the goal, but the hit wasn’t enough until the victory.

Chile were given a gift! Nicolas Tagliafico was late for the ball and kicked Arturo Vidalia directly between the legs.

Vidal recovered from the situation and shot himself a penalty. Keeper Emiliano Martinez rejected, but Eduardo Vargas pushed loose ball into the net.

No more goals were seen, but the score was divided by a score of 1-1.

The night in the second match, Bolivia took the lead against Paraguay Erwin Saavedra with a penalty kick, but in the second half the match was reversed.

Bolivian Jaume Cuellar received a second warning shortly before the break and was driven out.

Male force in Paraguay Alejandro Romero finished off the hat trick and led the team to a 3-1 victory.



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