Football Men’s European Championship football venues are scheduled to be confirmed on Monday

The race hosts in Bilbao, Dublin and Munich are at stake.

Bilbaon, The hostings for the Dublin and Munich competitions are at stake as the Uefa government of the European Football Association weighs on the venues for the men’s European Championship finals in Montreux, Switzerland on Monday. The European Championships are scheduled to take place from 11 June in 12 locations across Europe, but the plan is under threat due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Uefa wants spectators for European stadiums, but there are restrictions on public events in different countries. The majority of European Championship cities have already announced that they can take a limited number of spectators to the gallery, and the tournament venues are likely to remain Amsterdam, Baku, Budapest, Bucharest, Glasgow, Copenhagen, London and Rome.

President of the Spanish Football Association Luis Rubiales has said that it will do its utmost to ensure that Spain continues to host the European Championships. He proposes Seville as a venue if Bilbao is eliminated from the crowd.

Finland is scheduled to play against Denmark in Copenhagen on June 12 and then switch to St. Petersburg, where Owners will face Russia on June 16 and Belgium on June 21. However, the game program may change if some of the race cities are eliminated.

Uefa on Monday will also discuss the reforms planned for the men’s Champions League. Europe’s most prestigious club team competition is set to change from 2024 so that Uefa can meet the threat of big clubs from its own Superleague, which generates money from TV rights.

According to news agency AFP, there are plans to increase the number of Champions League teams from 32 to 36. In the initial series, each team would play ten matches instead of the current six, and the teams would meet each other only once in the initial series.

Raising the number of teams requires agreeing on which countries additional seats would come. One of the suggestions is that former winners of the Champions League could get into the league even if their success on the domestic league fields does not continue.

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