Football | Manchester United’s owners are considering selling the club

According to the release, the board is considering all strategic options, one of which is selling the club.

Football The owners of the giant club Manchester United are considering selling the club. The company running the club told about it in a statement published on Tuesday in its announcement.

According to the release, the company’s board is considering all strategic options, one of which is selling the club. The board is said to be evaluating various options that aim to strengthen the club.

American Glazer’s the family has owned ManU for 17 years. However, the fans have protested against the family, and during the opening match of the season, ManU even had to close their fan shop due to the protests.

Even on the field, the team has not performed as well as in the peak years. ManU has not won the English Premier League since 2013, when Alex Ferguson was the club’s head coach for the last season before his retirement. Ferguson coached the team for almost 30 years.

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In the last nine years, ManU has had five managers, none of whom have come close to Ferguson’s success.

Previously on the same day, the club announced that the contract with the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo with has been dismantled by mutual agreement.

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Ronaldo’s departure has been talked about since the summer transfer window. At that time, Ronaldo openly said that he wants to play in the Champions League, where ManU did not get to the 2022-23 season.

Last week, Ronaldo played down his departure in a television interview where he said he felt the club had let him down. In addition, he said that he does not respect the coach Erik ten Hagia.

In the interview, Ronaldo also criticized the Glazers, saying that the owners don’t care about the club.

Earlier this month, Liverpool’s American owner, Fenway Sports Group, also announced that it was ready to sell the club.

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Mixed Liverpool and ManU were involved in the failed European Super League (ESL) project, which aimed to create a separate, closed league for Europe’s top teams. The plan sparked huge opposition among fans, and eventually teams began to drop out of the project.

Despite the rejection of the Superliga, the protests against the Glazers have continued. The intention to sell, however, is hardly about fans who have been ignored for a long time by the owners: the background is more likely to be changes in the economic world.

The release also mentions the need to develop the stadium and infrastructure, as Old Trafford is already old compared to the top stadiums in the world.

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