Football Malmö vaccinated the first episode in the final seconds, HJK had to constantly defend

The game remained firmly under the control of the home team.

Malmö FF will lead the Helsinki Football Club 1-0 when the first half is played at Malmö Stadium from the first qualifying round of the second qualifying round of the Champions League.

The goal came at the most unpleasant time for HJK. The extra time of the first period rolled when Malmö finally found an opening in the Club’s defense.

Malmö leads 1-0 and HS follows the match.

Bonke Innocent bait upright and Antonio Colak skillfully took over the ball, a couple of three steps and ranked through the pole to the goal.

This is exactly what Malmö was looking for. It grinded the entire 45-minute except for HJK’s very short, mostly harmless control moments.

Colak is a finisher you trust in Malmö. He leads Sweden’s main series, the Allsvenskan scorer statistics, with seven hits.

Malmön the opening goal looked by and seemed to be very close to offside, and it was hinted at by many HJK players. Nothing helped, the ball was swung into the center circle and immediately after that the opening period ended.

HJK had to defend long periods when the team’s five-man defensive line slipped too low. The home team easily reached the penalty area near the HJK downstairs line and midfield.

There were also episodes in the game, when Malmö pressed with three players from above. Hurry had to open the game and it didn’t really want to succeed.

HJK’s top player Roope Risk received a warning after 12 minutes.

Former captain of the Finnish national team Niklas Moisander was part of the Malmö line-up, but did not play in the team’s opening line-up.



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