Football Magazine: PSG made an official offer to the Fair, an attempt is being made to block the agreement with a complaint

Paris Saint-Germain will be the strongest company to accompany Lionel Mess.

French the football club Paris Saint-Germain has made an official offer to the Argentine star Lionel Messille, says the Spanish newspaper Marca.

According to Marcan, PSG submitted an offer to the Fair on Sunday morning. According to the magazine, the contract offer is being reviewed by Mess’s background forces.

According to rumors, PSG would be offering the fair an annual income of 40 million euros.

Marca says alsothat an attempt is made to prevent the transfer of the Mess to the Paris Club on the grounds of PSG ‘s financial situation.

According to the newspaper, the complaint to the European Commission’s Arbitration Court has been filed by members of Barcelona.

“PSG’s situation in terms of financial fair play is worse than in Barcelona,” the complaint states.

“In the period 2019-20, 99% of PSG’s revenue was spent on salaries, compared to 54% in Barcelona.”

Mess cannot continue in Barcelona because the cost structure of the club cannot withstand his salary, even if halved.



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